It’s the result of a natural evolution that brought man through centuries to an uncomparable capability to transform grape in wine.

Here in salento, people and culture combine and it is the place where the project to produce and commercialize very high quality wine takes place. After thousand of years of Greek, Messapian and Roman inhabitants, the ancient respect for nature developed in order to collect the best of it’s fruits.

From this territory, where myth and reality influence their dinning table, the founders of cantina terra: Tonino Manieri and Ivan Conte introduce “Le Otri di Terra”: a new product connecting Magna Grecia’s agricultural tradition to Italy’s creative innovation.

The wine Trio presents itself such as a single modular glass packaging composed of three superimposable cross sections of 250 ml bottle, peers to the content of two glasses of wine, so to offer the possibility to taste wine by the glass, how it is mostly used in Europe and the West.

A never ending story…