Ivan Conte

Born in Germany 11/10/1990 he reaches his own working experience around the world, thanks to his passion for sky-diving, had to work in restaurants to maintain himself fulfilling all kinds of position all the way to become manager of a successful restaurant.

He completes his own professional experience as sales agent for “San Carlo”, where he develops sales and logistics in an incomparable way.

Tonino Manieri

Born in italy (Salento) 06/11/1973 lives with his family in Veglie. He achieved his highschool diploma in the hotel and catering branch among the “istituto prof. Alberghiero per i servizi della ristorazione di S. Maria al Bagno” in ’94; in ’95 he graduates as dietetic nutrition specialist among “IPSSAR”. Follows up several upgrade and training classes like “FISAR” (Italian Confederation of Sommelier Hotelier and Restaurateur in ’97. The “OLLEA” class (Workshop for Expert Taster) in 2001 and a professional course by “Ori di Puglia”.

He is now owner and manager of a coffee bar as entrepreneur.